GenomSys strengthens scientific team to expand its reach into the scientific community and develop new markets

Feb 6, 2020

LAUSANNE, February 6th 2020 – Pawel Rosikiewicz – co-founder of “SwissAI Machine Learning Meetups” and of the SwissAI foundation – joins GenomSys in the role of Scientific Communications Expert.

His professional career combines 14 years in Molecular Biology & Genetics from top Swiss universities, consultancy experience for AgriTech businesses and the creation of a community boasting a membership of over 2’300 scientists, industry experts, engineers and academics.

Pawel will help boost the company’s ability to answer market demand for genomic data processing. He will manage the company’s scientific communications, providing support and guidance through publications, case studies and events to further engage industry professionals.

GenomSys’ scientific team has the mission of keeping the company at the forefront of industry innovation, providing new solutions that improve the productivity of bioinformaticians, of data scientists and of other users of genomic sequencing data. “GenomSys’ mission is clear – to provide enterprise-grade technologies for genomic data processing. In order to achieve this, we need to excel at every stage of our product development and hire best in class, including professionals with practical field experience”, says GenomSys CEO.

Pawel joins the fast-growing Swiss company headquartered at Lausanne’s BioPôle, one of Europe’s largest dedicated BioTech campuses. «What attracted me to GenomSys is that the company provides a bioinformatics software suite to process genomic data, including modules that compress, align, and perform variant calling for DNA and RNAseq pipelines, all using an ISO compliant data format. Providing ISO compliant pipelines is new in this industry », says Pawel.

The company is also an active member of the ISO committee that recently published the ISO/IEC 23092 standard series for genomic data coding, also known as MPEG-G, improving genomic data handling by enabling an ecosystem of novel, interoperable apps. “The implementation of MPEG-G in pipelines improves their performance in terms of data handling and access. MPEG-G offers a considerable reduction of the data storage footprint, but has benefits that go well beyond data compression », adds Claudio Alberti, CTO of GenomSys.