Learn more about Nicolo and his recap of 2022 at GenomSys and his outlook for 2023 for himself and the company through the following quick questions:

Good morning Nicolo and a happy New Year to you. Starting of easy, which fun-fact did you learn this year?

During one of our coffee breaks last year, we talked about how genetics affect the animal kingdom. What stuck with me was the behavior of lobsters due to their serotonin production – enhanced or inhibited by the serotonin transporter gene HTT – after a battle.

A lobster that has just won a battle produces more serotonin than average. Since this neurotransmitter is also called the “happiness hormone”, the lobster, strengthened by serotonin, will fight longer and harder for its territory. But in the end, it will often end up on a plate anyway.

What was your most outstanding achievement at GenomSys in 2022?

In 2022, I really appreciated the switch so that I am now also working closely with the development team to improve our products. Last year, I was mainly involved in test development – an important part of developing correctly-functioning products – but now I can take fully part of the actual development and grow personally and professionally.

What was the most important thing you learned in 2022?

I learned that team building is one of the most essential aspects of a company. It generates coherence and is a training that strengthens group work because it stimulates people through collaboration and comparison, which serve to recharge the ideas of creativity. Team building brings people together and increases their motivation, especially in a fast-paced field like genomics and software development.

What are your expectations for you and/or GenomSys for 2023?

I think my expectations for last year have been fully rewarded. However, a lot has changed since then, and I think now we can really make a big leap forward to provide solutions in many directions this year to ultimately accelerate personalized genomics and leverage the information that is slumbering in our DNA for improved patient care.

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