GenomSys was selected to present at the Frontiers Health Global Conference in Milano this week (November 11th – 12th).

This will be the first Frontiers Health Global Conference in person again since the COVID-19 pandemic. We are excited to be one of the start-ups that get a chance to present itself and our products at this prestigious event in the start-up community.

Frontiers Health is one of the premier global digital health innovation events, focusing on digital therapies, breakthrough technologies, healthcare transformation, investments, and ecosystem development. With the health innovation scenario set to play a pivotal role in the new normal and beyond, this 2-day conference will bring together thought leaders, policymakers, industry players, and innovative companies to dive deep into the ongoing challenges, strategic trends, and scalable solutions likely to impact healthcare.

GenomSys_Alessio_AscariWe are happy to be selected amongst several highly innovative start-ups and with the opportunity – finally again in person – to present GenomSys and our unique GenomYou app at the Frontiers Health Global Conference,” says Alessio Ascari, CEO of GenomSys. “The interaction with investors, digital health industry influencers, and healthcare policy leaders on such an event will be of great support. I am looking forward to the interaction and to show the mobile world our unique genomic mobile app – bringing personalized medicine one step closer to reality.


GenomSys’ revolutionary GenomYou app enables end-users to save their genomic data and any genomic-related reporting they might have requested on their own device. The app guarantees the highest level of privacy and security, as GenomSys care for users’ privacy and not for sharing their data.

Through the app, end-users will also be able to order the DNA sequencing, should they not have it already, or specific genomic analyses, depending on the countries regulations. All of this is possible at the touch of a button on your smartphone, secure and private, thanks to the ISO/IEC-23092 genomic data standard (MPEG-G) and advanced genomic analysis. A unique offer by GenomSys.

Do you want to meet us at the Frontiers Health Global Conference in Milano from November 11th  – 12th, 2021?

Feel free to reach out to us to schedule a meeting with our CEO Alessio or CTO Claudio. We look forward to meeting you there!

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