GenomSys will participate at Huawei’s Next Generation Data Storage Architecture Innovation Forum in Luzern from May 15th – 16th, with our Chief Technology Officer speaking on innovative applications for large scale genomics.

This Huawei Technologies forum will focus on how future data infrastructure and the future storage system architecture can help various industries to deal with the vast amount of data.

Claudio’s speech on “Innovative applications for large scale genomics” will shed light on how GenomSys wants further to impact global healthcare through genomics positively. Establishing high-performance processing infrastructures and high availability for the extensive amounts of data generated is an essential factor here. GenomSys is even going a step further to revolutionize how genomics is handled today by leveraging the 21st century’s mobility gained through the smartphone and put genomic data into the hands of the rightful owner – the patient.

GenomSys Claudio AlbertiI am excited to have been invited to the Huawei Forum, as it provides an excellent platform to present how GenomSys solutions can cater to the rising demand for handling Big Data in genomics. With our expertise in the ISO/IEC 23092 (MPEG-G) standard for genomic data, we have developed solutions for professionals for more efficient data processing. Furthermore, I believe that our unique approach to including the mobility of a smartphone in genomics will aid in making genomic medicine accessible to everyone.” explains Claudio Alberti, CTO of GenomSys.

GenomSys led and substantially contributed to the development and publication in 2020 of the new and only ISO standard for genomic data (ISO/IEC 23092 MPEG-G, “the MP3 equivalent for genomic data”), fostering innovation and interoperability.

More recently, GenomSys developed a software toolkit (GenomSys MPEG-G Tool Kit), enabling everyone to benefit from the new standard and an intuitive germline analysis platform (GenomSys Variant Analyzerfor genomic labs, both CE-marked IVD MD.

We also developed an innovative smartphone app (GenomYou) for individuals to store their own genomic data in their smartphones and connect to genomic labs for additional analyses or avail of genetic counseling, leveraging the power of mobile and connecting with our business partners around the world.

Our solutions reduce overall costs (storage needs -70%), speed data transmission, and analyses, facilitate data re-use, assure privacy and guarantee quality and robustness. Swiss-level safe, ISO-13485 quality certified.

Do you want to meet us at the AWS event in Luzern on May 15th, 2023?

Feel free to contact us to meet Claudio (CTO) at the event. We look forward to meeting you there!

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