GenomSys will be in Dubai next week (February 6th – 9th) during this year’s MedLab Middle East.

MedLab Middle East is the most significant industry tradeshow in the Arabic region. The medical laboratory community comes together to showcase the latest laboratory innovation and technology for a four-day showcase. We are excited to attend and get a chance to present GenomSys, our products, and meet with customers and partners.

GenomSys_Alessio_AscariWe look forward to connecting with the genomics and healthcare communities in the Arabic peninsula and beyond. GenomSys, a major contributor and early adopter of the only international open ISO genomic data standard, developed a unique multi-infrastructure platform to enable genomic 2.0 applications with higher efficiency in processing genomic data for clinical diagnostic purposes and other applications. We are actively seeking partners that would embrace our technology (both in the cloud and in the mobile domain) to bring precision medicine closer to reality.” explains Alessio Ascari, CEO of GenomSys.

GenomSys developed a unique multi-infrastructure genomic platform compliant with ISO/IEC 23092 (MPEG-G, “the MP3 for genomic data”), the only ISO open standard for genomic data, with CE-marked as In-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device components to support genomic data handling organizations in the processing of these data. Our platform reduces overall costs (storage needs -70%), speeds data transmission and analyses, facilitates data reuse and accelerates time to market for advanced applications.

GenomSys MPEG-G Toolkit is part of this platform, consisting of CE-marked software tools to support organizations in implementing the MPEG-G standard and leveraging its features (e.g., smaller files, faster transmission,…). Furthermore, it includes state-of-the-art bioinformatic pipelines – MPEG-G native as well – providing efficient secondary analysis of genomic data, easy to integrate into sequencing machines and/or tertiary analyses applications.

GenomSys pushes even further by catapulting genomics into the 21st century by leveraging the ubiquity of the mobile via its revolutionary GenomYou app. The app is the mobile part of the platform to enable organizations that offer services and products related to the information built into our DNA to transition their expertise and workflow onto a mobile device. The app guarantees the highest level of privacy and security for the valuable data, a convenient bridge to offer genomic analysis – run directly in the app – and a potential marketplace for their offers. All possible at the touch of a button on a smartphone, secure and private, thanks to the ISO/IEC-23092 genomic data standard (MPEG-G) and advanced genomic analysis. A unique offer by GenomSys.

GenomSys led and substantially contributed to the development and publication in 2020 of the new and only ISO standard for genomic data (ISO/IEC 23092 MPEG-G), fostering innovation and interoperability.

Do you want to meet us in Dubai from February 6th – 9th, 2023 during MedLab Middle East?

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For more information on the tradeshow, visit MedLab Middle East.

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