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GenomSys contributed decisively to the development of the new ISO MPEG-G standard, the most interoperable and safe technology for genomic data handling.

Safer, more precise, easier to consult and share.
Thanks to this new standard, laboratories, clinics, and research centers can finally write, read and share data using a mutual syntax. The intuitiveness, reliability, and reproducibility of this technology takes personal genomics to the next level.

Technology Benefits


Selective Access

MPEG-G enables selecting and decoding individual bases directly from the whole genome file without sequentially reading it – as moving from tape cassettes to MP3.

Unified Syntax

For the very first time, heterogeneous data can be written and read using the same language and stored together in an organized and standardized file format.

Guaranteed Security

The MPEG – G standard uses a unique and innovative standardized syntax for data protection natively embedded directly in the genome file.

Efficient Storage

The higher data compression guaranteed by MPEG-G allows storing even a whole genome on a smartphone and significant time savings in data transmission.

Advanced Genomic Analysis

GenomSys is widening the reach of advanced genomic analysis, the basis for any precision medicine application.

Since the development of NGS technologies (Next Generation Sequencing), the cost of genome sequencing has been dramatically decreasing and continues to do so at a faster pace than microprocessors’ Moore’s Law. The past few years have hence seen the development of several methodologies and software to analyze the resulting data, however in proprietary formats, requiring transcoding to be processed and often with complex parametrization requirements and control panels.

GenomSys is further developing such tools to work directly with data in MPEG-G format, reducing pre-processing requirements, increasing efficiency and worldwide applicability. The resulting pipelines will also feature user friendly dashboards for parametrization and usage, and can be optimized to run in mobile environments, i.e., on everyone’s individual smartphone

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