About us

Our Vision

Enabling personalized
medicine for you

Our DNA is unique and it is the most precious thing we have. GenomSys wants everyone to protect it and leverage it to truly enjoy personalized medicine to his/her own uniqueness.

Thanks to the innovative technologies developed by our engineers and bio-informaticians, today everybody can access their own genomic data, store it safely in their smartphone, order analyses, read the results and share them with their doctor.

A true digital revolution which makes personalized medicine accessible to everyone.

Precision Medicine

One-size-fits-all has been the basis of medicine – thanks to advancements in medicine and genomics, that’s no more the case, as nobody is equal to anyone else, and drugs act differently based on DNA. GenomSys enables everyone to access and check its DNA whenever and wherever they need it.

Bring Genomics into the Digital Age

Thanks to the development of the fully digital MPEG-G standard and its compliant analytical tools, GenomSys takes genomics truly into the digital age. From the dungeons of labs and remote servers, DNA analysis is brought to everyone’s smartphone, with a user-friendly interface, simple and easy as watching a movie.

Security and Interoperability

GenomSys leverages MPEG-G built-in encryption to ensure that everyone’s most sensitive information is carefully protected – and in their own hands!, while adopting an international standard to guarantee full interoperability and hence to future-proof both customers’ data and its own solutions.

Our Expertise

GenomSys is a Swiss company with a multicultural team of experienced and talented geneticists, bio-informaticians, mobile developers and software engineers led by senior management with long-standing activity in digital health, software development and genomics.


Alessio Ascari

Co-Founder & CTO

Claudio Alberti

Chief Scientific Officer

Luca Trotta

Head of Genomic Data Engineering

Daniele Renzi

Head of Mobile Development

Maurizio Dematté

Senior Test Engineer

Alain Le Pelerin

B2B Product Director

Massimo Ravasi

Office and Operations Manager

Cristina Leoni

Software Engineer

Antonio Salvucci

Web Applications Architect

Naveen Vasudevan


Alexandre Nadin


Juan Diaz Miyar

Marketing Manager

Lucas Laner

Quality and Regulatory Manager

Martina Fabi

Mobile Developer

Antonio D'Amico

Our history

Founded in 2016 by a group of experienced engineers and bio-informaticians under the leadership of Claudio Alberti, our CTO, GenomSys is a Swiss company developing state-of-the-art technology and services for the efficient analysis and secure management of genomic information.

The company is a pioneer in the development of open standards for genomic data storage and processing – it led the process of standardization of ISO/IEC 23092 (MPEG-G) – and in the implementation of compliant software and tools for its effective application.  

In October 2019, GenomSys secured a CHF9.3 million Series A funding to take the development of the company to the next stage.

In September 2020, Alessio Ascari, visionary entrepreneur and advisor in digital health, took the helm of the company as CEO to lead the new phase of innovation in true personalized genomic and personalized medicine. GenomSys is now enabling a new generation of secure, personal, and convenient solutions for managing and analyzing DNA, leveraging the benefits of MPEG-G, to simplify and democratize the usage of genomic information for diagnostics, pharmacogenomics, and above all personalized treatments.

GenomSys headquarters are in the Swiss Health Valley, at the center of a hub of technology and genomic innovation around the research centers of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and the Swiss Genome Center. The company recently opened an additional scientific center in Ticino, an emerging hub for innovation in biotechnology and digital developments in the south of Switzerland.


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