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Why GenomSys?

In our journey to impact on patient lives, we are looking for new team members to help accelerate the growth of the company beyond the current footprint. Help realize our mission to accelerate genomics!

GenomSys SA is a disruptive Swiss healthcare software company with two offices in Switzerland (Lausanne and Lugano), looking to transform how the world accesses to genomics with innovative software solutions for professionals and individuals.

Our solutions are based on the only ISO standard for genomic data that we contributed to shape and enable a significant acceleration of usage of genomic data. Our professional solutions offer significant improvements in terms of speed and efficiency, all CE-marked for diagnostic use, while our revolutionary GenomYou app will enable individual to carry their sequenced DNA in their smartphone and access analyses both for lifestyle and diagnostic purposes directly from their phone. All this thanks to the integration between the two modular solutions and our unique technological solutions.

GenomSys has grown significantly in the past two years with utmost focus on finalizing and bringing its technology and products to the market. We are now in a phase of accelerating market development, opening new offices and targeting completely new markets globally.

Current openings

We do not currently have any vacant positions.