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Meet the team – Alexandre - Learn more about Alexandre through the following quick questions: Hey Alexandre. What do you do at GenomSys and what are… ... March 3, 2021
Article in la Repubblica about GenomSys - "Nei prossimi mesi — spiega — abbiamo un grande lavoro da fare per finalizzare e pubblicare l’app che renderà possibile… ... March 1, 2021
Interview of our CEO Alessio Ascari by GenomeWeb - "Our purpose is to bring personalized medicine and genomics really closer to the individual, but with high protection of privacy.… ... February 26, 2021
Self-ownership a possible solution to privacy issues for genomic data?
Self-ownership, a possible solution to privacy issues for genomic data? - The most intimate information about a person is its own DNA, therefore a high level of privacy is necessary. Currently,… ... February 24, 2021
Meet the team – Juan - Learn more about Juan, his take on personalized medicine, why he joined GenomSys, his preferences in DNA bases and genomic… ... February 17, 2021
GenomSys press release
GenomSys appoints Alessio Ascari as CEO - The rise of Whole Genome, Whole Exome and virtual panels Instead of each time we need to do a genomic-related… ... February 11, 2021
Precision Oncology
Precision oncology (hopefully) soon cost-free in all Italy. What about genetic data storage? - Precision oncology determines a revolution in breast cancer care. Genomic tests can identify patients who could avoid invasive treatment such… ... February 10, 2021
Meet the team – Lucas - Learn more about Lucas through the following 4 quick questions: Hey Lucas. What do you do at GenomSys and what… ... February 2, 2021
GenomSys Library
Genomic data – the library for future therapies for diseases? - Genetic variants indicate that repurposed medicines might help in the treatment of severely ill COVID19 patients, says a study by… ... January 26, 2021
genomsys dna could used in different ways
How Your DNA Test Could Be Used in Unexpected Ways - Relatively simple tests to analyze an individual’s DNA are booming, in fields such as medicine and criminal justice, but also… ... December 9, 2020