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Il sole 24 ore
GenomSys on Il Sole 24 Ore - "La nostra app GenomYou è in grado di gestire file contenenti i dati genomici di grandi dimensioni ed elaborarli grazie… ... July 6, 2021
GenomSys on genomeweb - "The myth of personalized medicine has been floating around for quite some time, but with our GenomYou App, the time… ... June 28, 2021
Interview with our CEO Alessio Ascari for VentureLab - GenomSys is one of the Swiss National Team members that will be participating in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in… ... June 10, 2021
GenomSys on STARTUPS.CH - "With GenomSys, after an initial analysis, every user can store sequences of his DNA on his smartphone and analyze them… ... May 21, 2021
HealthTech News
GenomSys on HealthTech News - "In order for us not only to talk about personalized medicine but to make it a reality, a framework must… ... April 26, 2021
GenomSys on - "The genomic community was able to massively cut down sequencing time continuously since the Human Genome project in 2003, with… ... April 23, 2021
GenomSys on GenomeWeb - "...For example, the access of multiple regions of a gene within a whole-genome sequencing dataset takes with MPEG-G only two… ... April 22, 2021
GenomSys joins the Swiss National Startup Team - Lausanne – April 2021, GenomSys will be one of the mobile startups for the Swiss National Startup Team representing Switzerland… ... April 15, 2021
Agefi Logo
GenomSys on ‘AGEFI - "I joined GenomSys because their disruptive view of personalized medicine perfectly matches what I envision. Smart and simple personalized applications… ... March 24, 2021
GenomSys on Biopôle - "Our new office in Ticino reflects our mindset – multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and future-oriented, a little Switzerland in a company, and… ... March 16, 2021