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Our connected mobile platform to accelerate personal genomics


The Mobile channel has become a priority and the new normal for many businesses that aim at connecting with individuals and remaining at the forefront of technological progress.

To address this need, we leveraged MPEG-G benefits to develop a first-of-its-kind app offering consumer-oriented businesses the possibility to conveniently and securely provide personalized services to their customers via a new digital channel.

GenomYou screen
In-App secure storage of genomic data,
human and non-human
(even whole genome)
Reuse of existing sequenced DNA or new sequencing purchase
In-App genetic analysis
Open and ready to connect to remote genetic counseling
Open digital ecosystem and marketplace

Your Science, Your Client, Our Technology.

for your

GenomSys - Icon - Mobile Sequencing

Sequencing Service

Connect your sequencing service (or a partner’s) offering and facilitate the sample collection process for your clients.

GenomSys - Icon - Mobile Genomic Analysis

Integrate your
Analysis Portfolio

Include your own set of genetic analyses and/or leverage our available pool of analyses.

GenomSys - Icon - Mobile Market Place

Market your
Add-on Services

Leverage the platform as a new digital channel to market your products or services.


GenomSys - Icon - Mobile Data Protection

The data in your
clients’ hands

Users can upload existing sequenced DNA data, if available, or request sequencing through yours or your partner laboratory conveniently in-app.

The genomic information is then stored directly in their phone – possible thanks to MPEG-G – for the highest level of privacy protection for their information.

GenomSys - Icon - Mobile Various Analysis

Wide selection
of analyses

Users can browse the multiple genomic analyses within GenomYou and select the one(s) from which they want to gain further insights.

The analysis is carried out directly in-app without the need for the client to share their DNA information outside this trusted environment.

GenomSys - Icon - Mobile Marketplace

Direct connection
to your offers

Once the analysis is complete and results are available, your clients are engaged with tailored options for services and/or products to their specific profile.

Depending on the case, these can include nutrition coaching or lifestyle consultations, skincare products, vitamin supplements and more.

The App’s
Touch and Feel

Use Case for GenomYou
in nutrigenomics

The way our body metabolizes nutrients depends heavily on our genomic composition. Taking a close look at our DNA can help us gain full control of our diet and nutrition.

This, in turn, promotes a healthier lifestyle and reduces the risk of common diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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