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A Game Changer For Personalized Medicine

Imagine a world where all genomic applications and devices connect together using a standardized format ensuring lossless information transfer.

Where genomic information can seamlessly be accessed, visualized, stored and shared securely for diagnostics.

GenomSys’ modular suite is the only ISO compliant platform in the genomic data industry providing full compatibility with FASTQ, FASTA and SAM/BAM/CRAM.


data security & privacy protection

Securely store genomic data online preserving privacy, integrity & access control.

interoperable devices & applications

Connect systems together with standardized MPEG-G format. Genomic data sharing on a global scale becomes a reality

simplified genomic data processing

MPEG-G format ensures a high compression rate without losing genomic information.

guaranteed lossless data perennity

Native conversion to & from existing legacy format. Open specification can be re-implemented at any time without loss of access to data.

Our Solution Suite

Genomic data transport

Guarantee full interoperability along the way and ease transfer with the unified MPEG-G format.


Protect privacy with access control, digital signatures, integrity verification, timestamping and traceability.

MPEG-G Enabled Analysis

Streamline data analysis with advanced data processing technology.


Save storage space and ensure data perennity with ISO compliant data format.

MPEG-G – The ISO standard for the genomic industry


ISO/IEC 23092

Genomic Information Representation

The MPEG-G standard is currently the largest coordinated and international effort addressing the problems and limitations of current technologies and products towards a truly efficient and economical handling of genomic information.

The ISO/IEC 23092 standard series provides technical specifications for the implementation of solutions to guarantee privacy protection and controlled access to data in conformance with GDPR and Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament.

Key Benefits

Genome sequencing data access

Start processing genomic data before transmission is completed.

common standards and processes

Gain transfer time with compressed data and native streaming capabilities.

highly efficient storage

Reduce storage volume and cost with MPEG-G's high compression capabilities.

precise data browsing

Quickly retrieve the information you are looking for with fine-tuned accuracy.

Our Projects


GenomSys is currently working on several projects and with various companies, research centers and academic institutions for the continuous development of new solutions for efficient genomic data storage, transport and processing.


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