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GenomSys Variant Analyzer

The only CE-marked platform natively operating on the ISO international standard MPEG-G enabling accurate variants identification, annotation, and interpretation to support professionals in the diagnostic process and selecting treatment options for Clinical-Exome Sequencing and Whole-Exome Sequencing data.

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Efficiency in
Data Handling

Smaller files and faster processing are possible with GenomSys Variant Analyzer – the only analysis software running natively on MPEG-G.


Easy-to-use filtering and appealing dashboard allow professionals to refine the range of variants and pinpoint the relevant ones.


Including alignment, variant calling, and provision of meaningful information for the interpretation of the retrieved variants.

MPEG-G: the ISO Standard for genome sequencing data.

Faster Data Upload and Analysis. Cheaper Storage. Single Format for Data and Metadata. Stronger Security.

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GenomSys MPEG-G Toolkit

GenomSys MPEG-G Toolkit enables the user to adopt the new genomic standard MPEG-G and process genomic data in compliance with ISO/IEC-23092. It is CE marked as an in-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device according to 98/79/CE directive and hence approved for clinical-grade diagnostic purposes.

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Genomic Files

The MPEG-G standard allows any genomic data handling organization to compress its files up to 77% smaller in size compared to legacy formats.

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Genomic data is ready for interpretation within seconds instead of hours by converting the data into the MPEG-G standard.

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Built-in data protection includes consistent traceability, precise access control, and role segregation. Increasing security where it is needed in a practical manner

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GenomSys is a Swiss company with a multicultural team of experienced and talented geneticists, bioinformaticians, mobile developers, and software engineers to provide intuitive solutions to genomic professionals with the utmost care and reliability with Swiss precision.

All our products utilize the ISO/IEC 23092 MPEG-G genomic standard. Being an ISO-13485 certified manufacturer of software for medical devices, we have CE-marked our products as in-Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices according to 98/79/CE directive to provide solutions approved for clinical-grade diagnostic purposes.



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