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Hey Lucas. What do you do at GenomSys and what are you currently working on?GenomSys Lucas Laner

I started as Marketing Manager at GenomSys in January 2021. At GenomSys I am responsible for our social media channels and participate in all the facets of marketing.

What is your take on personalized medicine and what role does GenomSys play in that?

We’ve been waiting for the advent of personalized medicine for quite some time now. I believe that genomics is predestined for being a key accelerator for personalized medicine, because what is more personal than your own DNA? In this context, in my opinion, GenomSys’ value proposition on privacy, safety, and convenience solves almost all of the current challenges that hold back a true personalized medicine.

Why did you join GenomSys?

As mentioned before I see great potential with GenomSys and the benefits from its MPEG-G format and I really want to be part of that. During my MBA-thesis on the benefits of genetic analyses, I came to the conclusion that genomic analyses are beneficial to society but data security and privacy are crucial in their wide adaption. The fact that MPEG-G makes it possible to physically store your genetic dataset on your own smartphone gives you full ownership of your genetic data. This self-determination, for me, is the first step of making our DNA data secure. If you are able to share your information only when you agree to it – all with a simple click – you have erected the first protective barrier for our own data security.

What is your favorite base in the DNA (adenine, guanine, cytosine, or thymine)?

I have to go for guanine, the reason being that in most of the genetic education books guanine is green, which is my favorite color.

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