Relatively simple tests to analyze an individual’s DNA are booming, in fields such as medicine and criminal justice, but also genealogy and lifestyle checks. It’s become clear, however, that DNA data can be used in ways we never expected or desired. As a result, people have begun to worry about what might happen to their most intimate personal information. In fact, unlike a credit card that can be replaced, once you lose your DNA data ownership, there’s no way back.

How can you keep your DNA data private while taking advantage of all genetic data-based information that could improve your health and lifestyle?

At GenomSys, we empower you to fully control your genomic data instead of having it stored in someone else’s server somewhere.

Thanks to our MPEG-G data compliant technology, GenomSys solutions enable end-users to save their genomic data and any genomic-related reporting they might have requested on their own device.

The upcoming genome app by GenomSys (available next spring) guarantees the highest level of privacy and security. Through the app, end-users will also be able to order the DNA sequenced or specific genomic analyses. All of this is possible at the touch of a button on your smartphone, secure and private.

Check out the article on Bloomberg on how your DNA test could be used in unexpected ways here.

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