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Hi Lorella. What do you do at GenomSys, and what are you currently working on?Lorella

I’m a computer scientist specialized in Quality Assurance. My responsibilities are planning tests for software, verifying them, and writing all reports. I have to be very precise in my work as every detail is very important and has to be examined. In addition, as we are ISO 13485 regulated and our products are CE marked, I have to comply with all the internal procedures, test types and fill the corresponding reports, which requires me to be very scrupulous in my duties.

What is the most significant benefit of MPEG-G, in your opinion? 

This is a new format that can simplify and speed up the DNA analysis thanks to the compression and encoding of the sequenced DNA data. So it’s a revolutionary format that should become a worldwide standard.

Genomic data and data privacy challenges. What is, in your opinion, a way to solve this issue?

The current European privacy regulation does not indicate how to handle specific data, such as DNA. Consequently, every country decides the law to apply and as a result, it creates many troubles for those who want to use these data. The first thing to do should be to unify the regulation for the management of DNA, at least within the European Union.

Why did you join GenomSys?

I really like GenomSys for different reasons. The application field is very innovative and the contribution that the company can give in the genetic diagnostic field is extraordinary. In addition the environment it’s very cool. Actually, there are people with great expertise and curriculum and it’s very exciting working with them!

When you’re not programming for the GenomSys app, what do you do in your free time?

Mostly I enjoy time with my family, as I have two little kids. Moreover, I also like to do activities on my own, such as taking photos and editing them, reading, and painting.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are you currently listening to?

Yes, I do! I think it’s a valuable method to learn something new when you don’t have spare time! So you can listen to them while you are on public transport, cooking or cleaning! What I listen to depends on the thing I want to learn; recently, I’ve been listening to German podcasts to improve the language!

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