Learn more about Lorella and her recap of 2022 at GenomSys and her outlook for 2023 for herself and the company through the following quick questions:

Good morning Lorella and a happy New Year to you. Starting of easy, which fun-fact did you learn this year?

There are many fun facts that I encountered during the year, but one, in particular, baffled me the most. I learned that through genetic analysis, one could find out how their body reacts to caffeine. Such ordinary – for me – little things like drinking coffee that is partly destined within our genes was eye-opening for me. Now, for 2023, I can find out based on my genes whether I can have a coffee after 5.00 pm or not, without staying awake all night!

What was your most outstanding achievement at GenomSys in 2022?

My most outstanding achievement in 2022 was creating and finalizing a complete automatic suite for testing our products, such as GenomSys Variant Analyzer or our Toolkit. It comprehends both parts of testing an application: tests concerning the backend of software and tests for the fronted. It was fun and very interesting for me to implement this new procedure because it broadened my horizon for my software developing capabilities, and moreover, I had to merge my technical skills and creativity further to solve issues that appeared on a daily basis.

What was the most important thing you learned in 2022?

I improved even further my knowledge of writing in Python, which I then applied in the testing environment and even if I WAS used to programming before with other technologies, I have now to admit it is very fast to use, and it truly makes the life of a tester much simpler.

What are your expectations for you and/or GenomSys for 2023?

Since we have for 2023 now many new products in the pot regarding analyzing our genes for various reasons – them being very intuitive and innovative, I look forward to completely testing them with different technologies and methods and seeing them getting launched on the market with hopefully a lot of new clients that truly see the value of them!

If you have any further questions for Lorella or about GenomSys, please feel free to contact us.

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