Learn more about Marcello and his recap of 2022 at GenomSys and his outlook for 2023 for himself and the company through the following quick questions:

Good morning Marcello and happy New Year. Starting off easy, which fun-fact did you learn this year?
GenomSys - Marcello

I recently discovered the existence of a really funny satirical prize called the ‘Ig Nobel Prize’, which, unlike the more serious Nobel prize award ceremony, is given for the craziest and seemingly meaningless scientific achievements. They make you laugh but, at the same time, make you think. While many of the awards are tongue-in-cheek, the discoveries are recognized and published in real scientific journals. After laughing at the absurdity, they raise awareness amongst a broader audience for science which is a good thing.

What was your most outstanding achievement at GenomSys in 2022?

This year at GenomSys, along with the rest of the bioinformatics team, we have been working on expanding the features and functionality of GenomSys Variant Analyzer, our primary analysis software for genomic testing. The achievement of this goal has been possible due to the fact that, as a team, we have been able to combine our unique set of skills and experience quickly, which in turn has given a boost to the professional growth of the entire group.

What was the most important thing you learned in 2022?

As I have been working in the past in academia, joining a start-up was a very rewarding and challenging experience. Before joining GenomSys, as an academic researcher, my work usually ended once it was published in a scientific journal or conference. Now I learned to put into action whatever I developed in a fast, reliable way, transforming an analysis pipeline into an ideally remotely accessible and easy-to-use clinical tool. This also gave me the opportunity to learn several aspects of the software development process that I didn’t experience before and realize the importance of teamwork.

What are your expectations for you and/or GenomSys for 2023?

We have new tools currently under development, which we plan to release soon, so I expect the team to finalize the process and start interacting with customers as much as possible. At the same time, I hope to keep learning new techniques and improving my skills.

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