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International Standards and their benefits - International Standards are technical standards developed by experts belonging to international organizations under the coordination of entities such as ISO,… ... October 24, 2019
GenomSys, the Swiss startup disrupting genomics information handling closes a CHF 9.3 million Series A investment round - GenomSys, a software company which develops ISO compliant technology for efficient processing and sharing of DNA data, announced it has… ... September 16, 2019
HIMSS Insights on the advantages of the MPEG-G Standard - HIMSS Insights speaks to Mikel Hernaez, director of computational genomics at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at… ... May 2, 2019
GenomSys selected in the Bilan 50 Swiss Startups - We are pleased to announce that GenomSoft parent company GenomSys has been selected in the Bilan/UBS “50 Swiss startups in… ... March 19, 2019
MPEG-G at Stanford Compression Workshop 2019 - On February 15th Mikel Hernaez, the current Director for Computational Genomics at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology… ... February 14, 2019
GenomSys among the highest ratings in the Eurostars programme - GenomSys ranks 27th in the Eurostars programme ranking out of 287 eligible applications by SMEs covering all scientific disciplines. GenomSys… ... December 20, 2018
GenomSys à l’origine d’un standard de compression des données génomiques - La start-up Suisse GenomSys sera présente au GA4GH (Global Alliance for Genomics and Health) Connect à Bâle, qui dévoilera son… ... October 4, 2018
The Hutch Report on MPEG-G as the coming standard for the Genomics industry - “One thousand petabytes of genomic data are already being stored worldwide, and the aggregate cost of genomic storage is expected… ... September 14, 2018
IEEE Spectrum on genomic data compression - The September 2018 issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine features an in-depth review of the current status of genomic data… ... August 23, 2018
Joint MPEG-GA4GH Workshop on Genomic Sequencing Data Compression - GA4GH – MPEG, Basel 3rd October 2018 Call for Contributions The amount of genome sequencing data generated day by day… ... August 2, 2018