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Hey Alexandre. What do you do at GenomSys and what are you currently working on?Alexandre Nadin

I am a trained bioinformatician and I work on software and analysis pipeline development. I am currently working on integrating our MPEG-G codecs into FreeBayes, a tool that finds variants from genomic sequence alignments.

Your take on personalized medicine and what role does GenomSys play in that?

Personalized medicine is the future as it will allow to produce custom diagnosis, help in prevention as well as designing treatments for the patient. Genomics will play an important role due to its nature. The resulting increase of genetic analyses will lead to an enormous amount of genomic patient data, which is subject to certain limitations of data protection, storage, and speed of computational analysis. At GenomSys, we are leading the process of democratizing genomic data by providing a secure, faster, and more efficient way to access and analyze patient genomic data.

Why did you join GenomSys?

GenomSys is for me a promising, ambitious, innovative company, highly contributing to a progress in genomics and personalized medicine. As a bioinformatics developer, I want to be part of something that great.

What is your favorite base in the DNA (adenine, guanine, cytosine, or thymine)?

I’d go with the thymine (T) which later transcribes into uracil (U). I get some fun out of the containing wordplay: the letter T pronounced is close to the old English “Thee” for “you”, and U is obviously pronounced like “you”. Still, on coincidences, thymine goes in pair with Adenine (A) and A is my name initial.

When you’re not programming for GenomSys, what do you do in your free time?

I like to read, I try specializing in Italian cooking, I play rugby, I find joy in exhausting trekking and I also do some additional programming in my spare time.

What is the greatest benefit of MPEG-G in your opinion?   

For years I have witnessed the obstacles and sometimes sources of inefficiency in the analysis workflow of patients’ genomic data. Anonymization of DNA samples is a pseudo solution as it does not prevent from accessing data. The greatest benefit of MPEG-G undoubtedly lies in the encryption of standard genomic data, providing true data privacy.

Can you tell us something memorable about you?

I solved coding issues while dreaming twice!

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Picture: chrisreadingfoto / pixabay

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