GenomSys will be participating at the Jornada Bioinformática en Aragón in Spain on November 30th.

Our colleague Juan Diaz, bioinformatician at GenomSys, was invited to discuss new supporting tools for the biotech sector with other esteemed experts at a round table in this in-person event. He will provide insights on the new perspectives on how the ISO standard for the representation of genomic data (MPEG-G) can help organizations in the genomics field to handle the growing amount of data.

Juan Diaz MiyarI am excited to be invited to this year’s “Jornada Bioinformática en Aragón” to discuss new perspectives in genomics unique to the use of the MPEG-G standard for sequencing data analysis.” says Juan Diaz, Bioinformatician at GenomSys.

GenomSys led and substantially contributed to the development and publication in 2020 of the new and only ISO standard for genomic data (ISO/IEC 23092 MPEG-G, “the MP3 equivalent for genomic data”), fostering innovation and interoperability.

Our solutions reduce overall costs (storage needs -70%), speed up data transmission and analyses, facilitate data reuse, assure privacy and guarantee quality and robustness. Swiss-level safe, ISO-13485 quality certified.

GenomSys developed its MPEG-G Genomic Platform, an integrated cloud platform for genomic data processing and sharing compliant with ISO/IEC 23092 MPEG-G genomic standard, for manufacturers of genomic applications, such as sequencers or genomic analysis software.

The platform includes state-of-the-art bioinformatic pipelines – MPEG-G native – providing efficient secondary analysis of genomic data, easy to integrate in sequencing machines and/or in tertiary analyses applications. And it includes GenomSys MPEG-G Tool Kit, consisting of CE-marked software tools to implement the ISO/IEC 23092 (MPEG-G) standard features.

Furthermore, GenomSys Variant Analyzer, a CE-marked IVD MD germline analysis software, allows genomic laboratories to analyze whole exome datasets for a single individual or trio analysis. Pairing analysis software with GenomSys MPEG-G Tool Kit can establish an automated workflow in the more efficient ISO standard MPEG-G.

For more information on the event, click here.

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