Luca Trotta CSO

Lugano, March 2021 –Luca Trotta, Ph.D. in genetics, medical geneticist and scientific advisor with his long-standing international experience in genomics, joined GenomSys as Chief Scientific Officer. Simultaneously, GenomSys opened a new office in Lugano to tap into the vibrant innovation scene in Ticino and to accelerate the company’s growth.

I joined GenomSys because their disruptive view of personalized medicine perfectly matches what I envision. Smart and simple personalized applications can enable everyone to easily access, control, and share their own health information. This would resolve privacy issues and remove the technical limits to individual contribution to continuous research”, says Luca “In my vision, there is no ‘personal’ without community, therefore everyone must have the right to access the most personalized healthcare possible, which evidently can only result from meaningful research efforts.

Luca’s core experience is the clinical interpretation of genomic variation and the implementation of genomic analysis workflows, particularly in Whole-Exome Sequencing (WES). For 10+ years he focused on the diagnostic of rare inherited disorders, immunology, and oncology, first at the Molecular Genetic Unit of the Policlinico Hospital in Milan and then at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) in Helsinki. During his time at the University of Helsinki, he successfully postulated his Ph.D. thesis demonstrating the capacity of WES as a diagnostic tool for primary immunodeficiencies. After his Ph.D., he embraced the entrepreneurial challenge to grow small genomic testing companies in Switzerland before joining GenomSys.

I have been fortunate to witness the whirling advance of genetics from the inside over the last 20 years. When I started studying, the words genomics and personalized medicine were still far to be heard, now genetics is a powerful instrument to aid in many aspects of everyday life. But the growing amount of knowledge brings new challenges: How can we get the most out of genomics from a personal perspective?, says Luca regarding genetics and personalized medicine.

Luca’s expertise will provide GenomSys with deeper insights into genetics. His contribution is key to pursue the company vision, i.e. to enable personalized medicine for everyone in the most convenient way, with the utmost respect for individuals’ privacy. The innovative MPEG-G-compliant solutions for data analysis, featuring native encryption, selective access, and high compression rate, will enable higher efficiency in genetic testing. In his role of Chief Scientific Officer Luca leads the GenomSys scientific team, composed of talented bioinformaticians and a panel of top-notch scientific advisors.

About GenomSys

GenomSys SA is a Swiss health technology software company that develops secure, clinical-grade, solutions bringing personalized medicine to everyday life.

GenomSys first took genomics to the digital era by addressing the issues of legacy genomic text-based data formats. The company developed and led the ISO international standardization of MPEG-G (ISO/IEC-23092), a digital data format for genomic data representation that delivers substantial benefits in terms of efficient compression, interoperability, native protection, and selective access.

Now GenomSys is taking the next step, enabling laboratories and end-users to take advantage of the new standard: MPEG-G native analytical pipelines for more efficient storage and focused analyses via selective access, and the ability for people to store and analyze their own genomic data in their smartphones, bringing genomics into the mobile world.

In doing so, GenomSys defines a new paradigm with a highly differentiated solution: a consistent value proposition emphasizing privacy and convenience to truly deliver personalized medicine to individuals by leveraging the uniqueness of the new digital genomic standard and the pervasiveness of mobile, directly or through business partners.

You can download the press kit (English, German, and Italian) on the appointment of Luca Trotta and the opening of the new office in Lugano under the following link: Dropbox link

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