MedLab Middle East is the most significant industry tradeshow in the Arabic region. The medical laboratory community comes together to showcase the latest laboratory innovation and technology for a four-day showcase. We are excited to attend and get a chance to present GenomSys, our products, and meet with customers and partners.

CarolinaIt’s a great opportunity to introduce to the medical laboratory industry and distributors’ network GenomSys Variant Analyzer, CE-certified for a fully automated Whole-Exome analysis. The only platform for NGS analyses exploiting the new MPEG-G ISO standard to deploy faster, streamlined genomic data workflows and cheaper data storage while supporting the diagnosis. GenomSys Variant Analyzer supports the professionals in their genomic analysis and forms with the GenomYou app an ecosystem to heralding a new era in genomic analysis – more efficient, more secure and more convenient for everyone,” says Carolina Canapè, Business Development Director at GenomSys.

GenomSys’ professional solutions enable geneticists around the world to improve their DNA analysis efficiently, leveraging the MPEG-G standard. At MedLab Middle East, we will showcase the worldwide first analysis tool natively operating on the MPEG-G format – GenomSys Variant Analyzer. We will also provide insights into how our professional solutions interact with our GenomYou app to become an ecosystem ready to push genomic testing to the next era.

GenomSys_Alessio_AscariWe look forward to meeting many of the important players of the medical laboratory and health community for the Arabic region and beyond. Particularly for our GenomYou app, this fair offers an enormous potential to establish long-term partnerships. One of our first analyses was the carrier pre-screening analysis designed to analyze a set of genetic variants – more than 400 – possibly linked to certain inherited disorders previously described in the KSA and UAE population. Now is the time to build partnerships to bring precision medicine closer to people truly,” explains Alessio Ascari, CEO of GenomSys.

GenomSys’ revolutionary GenomYou app enables end-users to save their genomic data and any genomic-related reporting they might have requested on their own device. The app guarantees the highest level of privacy and security, as GenomSys care for users’ privacy, not sharing their data.

Through the app, end-users will also be able to order the DNA sequencing, should they not have it already, or specific genomic analyses, depending on the countries regulations. All of this is possible at the touch of a button on your smartphone, secure and private, thanks to the ISO/IEC-23092 genomic data standard (MPEG-G) and advanced genomic analysis. A unique offer by GenomSys.

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