Precision oncology determines a revolution in breast cancer care. Genomic tests can identify patients who could avoid invasive treatment such as chemotherapy and those whose lives can be saved by it. In Italy, Multigene Molecular Testing is cost-free in only three regions: Lombardy, Tuscany, and the autonomous province of Bolzano. But there is hope that this will change soon and that across all the country, Italian women will be able to benefit from these tests.

Making these genetic tests available for free across the entire Italian nation would generate more data and therefore require more storage space. This growth in data would bring further challenges concerning privacy and storage costs. GenomSys addresses both issues to create a secure and convenient future of genomic testing. Enabling citizens to be the gatekeepers of their own genetic data through their smartphones, as well as to efficiently compress data for less storage space. All based on ISO-certified MPEG-G format. Learn more about our solutions and technology.

Check out the full article about breast cancer care on Corriere della Sera (only in Italian language):

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