GenomSys in the News

GenomSys on - In the past few years, technology breakthroughs resulted in a drastic increase of DNA sequencing speed and automation level while… ... December 22, 2021
The genomics revolution - Human genomics is a becoming centerpiece in various areas of medicine. Since the human genetic code was decoded almost twenty… ... December 9, 2021
GenomSys on Switzerland Global Enterprise - GenomSys’ Variant Analyzer is the world’s first product to run natively on MPEG-G, an ISO standard for genomic data representation, for… ... November 10, 2021
GenomSys on Greater Geneva Bern area - GenomSys, a pioneer in the development and adoption of the ISO/IEC 23092 MPEG-G open standard for genomic data, has announced… ... November 9, 2021
GenomSys on - Contacted by, GenomSys Marketing Manager Lucas Laner explains that the release of GenomSys Variant Analyzer is a milestone for… ... November 2, 2021
GenomSys on FDA News - GenomSys has received a CE mark for the latest version of its GenomSys variant analyzer, a cloud-based in-vitro diagnostic device… ... November 2, 2021
GenomSys on Relationship Science - GenomSys said Wednesday that it has received CE marking for the GenomSys Variant Analyzer. The genomic analysis software adheres to… ... October 28, 2021
GenomSys on genomeweb - "We designed GenomSys Variant Analyzer for the analysis of the vast amount of data generated by whole-exome sequencing to support… ... October 27, 2021
GenomSys on Biopôle - GenomSys has signed a multi-year development and license agreement with Philips, a global leader in health technology, to develop tools… ... September 13, 2021
GenomSys on - The agreement includes Philips granting GenomSys a sole license to its MPEG-G patents, which will then be integrated into GenomSys'… ... September 1, 2021