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GenomSys on - Contacted by, GenomSys Marketing Manager Lucas Laner explains that the release of GenomSys Variant Analyzer is a milestone for… ... November 2, 2021
GenomSys on FDA News - GenomSys has received a CE mark for the latest version of its GenomSys variant analyzer, a cloud-based in-vitro diagnostic device… ... November 2, 2021
GenomSys on Relationship Science - GenomSys said Wednesday that it has received CE marking for the GenomSys Variant Analyzer. The genomic analysis software adheres to… ... October 28, 2021
GenomSys on genomeweb - "We designed GenomSys Variant Analyzer for the analysis of the vast amount of data generated by whole-exome sequencing to support… ... October 27, 2021
GenomSys press release
GenomSys Variant Analyzer – the first CE-Marked tool for genomic analysis compliant to the highly interoperable ISO MPEG-G genomic standard - The rise of Whole Genome, Whole Exome and virtual panels Instead of each time we need to do a genomic-related… ... October 27, 2021
BioData World x GenomSys
Meet us at the BioData World Congress - GenomSys will be participating at the BioData World Congress in Basel from November 2nd - 4th, including a keynote presentation… ... October 21, 2021
GenomSys on Curated - GenomSys CEO Alessio Ascari was interviewed by Cédric Bollag from Curated during the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona. In… ... October 13, 2021
Bioinformatics and genomics - As described in last months' articles, genomic methods are increasingly and effectively used to support diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic strategies… ... September 29, 2021
Healthcare in a digitally connected world – how eHealth is improving our health - The continuous evolution of healthcare, fueled by discoveries in medicine, biochemistry, biology, has always been rooted in technological advances. The… ... September 15, 2021
GenomSys on Biopôle - GenomSys has signed a multi-year development and license agreement with Philips, a global leader in health technology, to develop tools… ... September 13, 2021