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GenomSys on - In the past few years, technology breakthroughs resulted in a drastic increase of DNA sequencing speed and automation level while… ... December 22, 2021
Interoperability in Genomics - Over the past decade, genomics has progressed rapidly, and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has been one of the main drivers for… ... December 22, 2021
Whole-Genome Sequencing the rapid and cost-efficient future - A preliminary report from the 100’000 Genomes pilot suggests that the use of Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS) could benefit healthcare. The… ... December 14, 2021
The genomics revolution - Human genomics is a becoming centerpiece in various areas of medicine. Since the human genetic code was decoded almost twenty… ... December 9, 2021
GenomSys - How is genetic testing done today
How does genomic testing work? - In the evolution of genomic testing, the current next-generation sequencing (NGS) methodologies have substantially increased the sequencing yield and have… ... December 2, 2021
BioData World x GenomSys
Highlight video from the BioData World Congress - GenomSys participated in this year’s BioData & Genomics Live Congress in Basel and presented the CE-marked GenomSys Variant Analyzer. Our… ... November 23, 2021
Highlight video from the Frontiers Health - GenomSys participated in this year’s Frontiers Health in Milan. Our Chief Executive Officer Alessio Ascari gave an inspiring pitch about… ... November 23, 2021
GenomSys on Switzerland Global Enterprise - GenomSys’ Variant Analyzer is the world’s first product to run natively on MPEG-G, an ISO standard for genomic data representation, for… ... November 10, 2021
Meet us at the Frontiers Health Conference - GenomSys was selected to present at the Frontiers Health Global Conference in Milano this week (November 11th – 12th). This… ... November 9, 2021
GenomSys on Greater Geneva Bern area - GenomSys, a pioneer in the development and adoption of the ISO/IEC 23092 MPEG-G open standard for genomic data, has announced… ... November 9, 2021